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Why do You Need an SEO and SEM Solution?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has consistently been the best marketing channel to grow your business with the highest Return on Investment (ROI). It can passively empower a small business to acquire customers from their bigger competitors who have more money and resources. Additionally, effective SEO over time has the potential to establish your business as an authority.

Your business is the most important thing to you. You work hard at, and in your business, and we want to make sure your website is working just as hard. We specialize in on-page SEO and digital marketing. We aim to get prospective customers to your website, instead of them finding your competitors. By working so as to rank your website higher on all market dominating search engines, we can do just that.

Add to our digital marketing experience 15+ years experience in IT and cybersecurity, and you have a winning formula to grow your brand through digital marketing safely and securely, and keep it that way.

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According to a January 2022 report by Smartinsights, search results ranking in position #1 generate a typical Click-Through-Rate of 39.6%. That more than doubles the CTR for the result in the 2nd position and is nearly four times the CTR for the 3rd position. Paid ads acquire around 4% of the traffic.

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SEO is an endeavor that gets the best results as long as a methodical, results-driven process takes place over time. Karen Lamb is quoted as saying, “a year from now you may wish you had started today.”